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The Cocha Lake a story of love and betrayal

The love between(among) the chief Pucara (Fortaleza), and the maiden Tamia (rain of stars)
, There is born the incarnation of the Chascal (Venus), (major) Caylur and Waira (Wind).
There were taking care 7 cities of the Valley of the Andes of that
Nowadays it is Nariño. In one of the holidays(parties) of the Sun, Tamia knows Munami and
It(He,She) decides to leave his(her,your) home to live through his(her,your) romance with his(her,your) lover. It(he,she) wakes the hatred up of
7 cities, who decide to deny food to them and
Demurrage(Stay). Indian fortress with his(her,your) children they go away to the high of the mountain for
Not to attend the affairs of the lovers. Tamia and Munami cheat a child
To obtain bread and water, of this action(share) a long-legged so called horse-fly appears
That punctures Munami, he(it) starts vomiting water. I flood the 7 ciu
And mueresn Munami, Tamia and all the settlers, plunging in
What now is known as lake Guamuez or lagoon of the boiled one, staying in the surface the place where Indian fortress and his(her,your) children guard what was his(her,your) home.

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