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The Lajas Sanctuary ¡Mamita the half-caste one calls me!

Maria Mueses and your Rosa daughter, travel afoot from Ipiales to Potosi and enter to a cave to be cleared up of the rain, Rose that was deaf and dumb, it she starts playing between the stones and on having seen the appearance, speaks for the first time to her mother saying: » Mamita, Mamita the Half-caste one calls me, see that has hurled down itself with a mesticito in the arms and two half-caste ones to the sides «; Maria works out precipitated to tell the miracle to her acquaintances and bosses of the Family Torresano of the appearance, but nobody her believes.

The time passes, Rose patient falls down and expires(dies). Maria in your desperation, runs with the cuerpecito of her daughter towards the cave begging the Virgin to interyield before her son Jesus in order that it she grants the gift of the life to her for yor daughter. So much it she affected the Virgin the tears and the fé of this mother, who was granted this second Miracle and Rosita returned to the Life. Maria, account her history and before similar testimony, September 15, 1754, a great peregrination is undertaken to verify that the Virgin is in this place.

On having come » The miracle fulge before your eyes and before her heart. It is not possible to doubt: the Holiest Virgin of the Rosario has sat her real ones in the rocks of They will Graze

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