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In the light of a Tulpa, the grandmother narrated every Tinka that matters for him(her) of his(her,your) life, I initiate when she was a girl and it(he,she) will end the day in which it(he,she) leaves this land; I name his(her,your) first kiss, the innumerable holidays(parties) of his(her,your) parents, uncles and grandparents of this epoch of long ago and of the current one. He(she) asks me that it(he,she) does not want to forget those beautiful moments, for which we preserve his(her,your) history in » Tinka – Inheritance(Heredity) and Design «
To preserve those transcendent moments in your life and ours, we invite you to that you enter our shop of recollections Tinka and acquire not only a design but also our ancient inheritance(heredity).
It(He) is very pleasing for us to take refuge in our community,

Monica Alejandra Santander Guerrero
General manager
Tinka Souvenier

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